Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Mari ke bangi seksyen 7 dekat restoran bangi impian maju kt bandar baru bangi dan cuba kte owg punya shisha. Penuh dgn pelbagai rasa. Ada BLUE MIST,WHITE GRAPE MINT,TRIPLE BERRY,SPEAR MINT,FUN @ THE BEACH,DREAM CYCLE,IRISH CREAM taste the true FLAVOR and feel the FUN!!!!! Fun Shisha.. Blh kunjung blog kte owg..

City Ville Game

Selalu buka fb tp dh bowink dgn semua benda yg tiap ari wt?? Ko owg blh maen game kt fb.. City Ville nie game yg ok tok i la.. Tak la bwink sgt.. Blh build city kte owg sendiri.. Byk owg maen game nie gak..

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Selamat Hari Ibu


Kita tdk blh meluapakan jasa jasa ibu kte diri sendiri..
Ibu lah yg owg menjaga, mencintai, mendidik kita mulai saat kte lahir cmp tua..
Setiap tahun,umur kte meningkat, ibu kte masih merisau kte owg..
Masa kte baby, ibu yg slu jaga kte owg tok memastikan kte sihat..
Masa kte dh masok tadika, ibu slu hantar kte ke tadika, menemani kte belajar..
Masa kte masok primary school, ibu hantar makanan kt kte, cari tuition tok kte, memastikan kerja sekolah dh ciap lom tdr..
Masa kte masok secondary school, ibu slu menasihati kte jgn b'gaul kawan yg buruk, memerhatikan tingkah laku kte..
Masa kte masok college life, ibu slu pesan kte spy jgn alek lewat, jika tinggal kt hstl (ibu mst call setiap ari tok pasti anda dh makan dan sihat), mlm mlm wdu anak mrk cmp titisan air keluar..
Masa kte mula bekerja, ibu risau teman lelaki kte.. Harap kte dpt cari teman separuh yg bagus..
Kte dh kawen, ibu slu akan dtg jengkuk kte, tny khabar kte owg..


Aq cyg ibu saya..

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Shining Inheritance 2

Aq dh habis tengok cite nie. Cite ni i ad introduce kt ko owg sebelum nie. I nak rate movie nie 4 stars.

Dari movie cni, i dpt belajar ttg b'dikari dlm kalangan keluarga kaya, kasih sayang seorg ibu, sikap kepentingan seseorang t'hdp keluarga demi mendapat kewangan taw harta dr owg laen, mempermainkan anatara keluarga sama keluarga, kelakuan dlm p'cintaan dan sebagainya. Byk pelajaran dpt belajar dr cnie. Ko owg blh tengok movie nie gak..

Harap ko owg enjoy..

Naughty Kiss

Yer, playful kiss korea movie antara movie yg famous antara remaja remaja.. Byk gak fren aq mrk tengah tengok movie nie.. I pun tengah download.. Movie nie adalah high school life dan gak mempunyai p'cintaan dan family. I x taw movie nie best x, tp semua mbr aq ckp best dan lucu.. Ko owg blh cuba tengok gak yer..

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Shining Inheritance

Eun-seong is studying overseas in New York when she is suddenly called back to Korea by her dad just 2 years into her studies. Meanwhile, Sun-woo Hwan is also ordered to return to Korea by his grandmother after studying abroad for 3 years in which he hardly studied. Koh Pyeong-jung, who is Eun-seong’s father, struggles to save his company from going bankrupt. One day, his wallet is stolen by a thief along with his ID and credit cards. The thief subsequently dies in a gas explosion accident and the police, upon finding Koh Pyeong-jung’s wallet on him, mistakenly identify him as Koh. So a death certificate for Koh Pyeong-jung is promptly issued. Koh decides to lay low and not tell his family that he is alive to keep the creditors at bay for the time being. But his second wife who is Eun-seong’s stepmother, collects the insurance money that is paid out from his life insurance policy and then kicks out her stepchildren Eun-seong and Eun-woo while moving into a new home with her daughter Seung-mi. Eun-seong asks for assistance from her boyfriend Hyung-jin who turns her down. Soon after her brother Eun-woo, who is mentally retarded, goes missing. While searching for her brother, Eun-seong works as a waitress at a nightclub and meets Joon-sae, a friend of her former boyfriend. Joon-sae helps Eun-seong as much as he can. A year later, Eun-seong is still looking for her brother and decides to transfer to a Korean college. So she quits her waitress job and starts selling dumplings to make enough money to pay for her tuition. Meanwhile, Jang Sook-ja, the founder of a food company, becomes deeply disappointed in her grandson Hwan who has no direction in his life. So to gather her thoughts on what to do about her grandson, she visits her old neighborhood in the poor section of the city where she encounters Eun-seong who is selling dumplings. She hears about Eun-seong’s hardships and immediately sees that Eun-seong is an honest, hardworking person with a heart made of gold. So to test Eun-seong’s mettle, she moves in with her for a month, sharing a tiny room. Afterwards, Jang Sook-ja makes up her mind to appoint Eun-seong as the heir of her food company and brings her home...

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Sape nak request untok download ap movie jer tolong tinggal kan message kt cni..

Sape nak tempah header ataw ap ap tentang blog, tolong tinggal kan message kt cni..